Pipe Tags

►Attachable Plate for Information Labels

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A bracket using bolts, nuts and various pieces of steel welded together.

Pipe Tags

Innovative Maintenance Products now offers Pipe Tags, a better way to label pipes with information stickers at less cost per pipe installation and faster job completion time. The Pipe Tag Labeling System comes with metal self-locking straps to ensure the information label has many years of service in all weather conditions. Install just about anywhere you need to place labels in about 1 minute and use on new pipe installations or old pipe change outs.

Key Benefit:

  • Lower Cost Per Pipe Compared to Welding
  • Establish Uniform Identification System in New Locations
  • Many Years of Service Without Failure
  • Replace Worn or Broken Signage With Ease
  • Smooth Surface for Better Label Adhesion

Key Features:

  • Installation by a single person in about 1-minute, right out of the box
  • Made with stainless steel and aluminum parts for RUST and CORROSION resistance in all weather conditions
  • Specially designed self-locking metal straps for long field service in high temperature conditions
  • Ideal for applications subjected to various chemicals, oils, salts and acids
  • Non-toxic to the environment

Product Specifications:

Labeling Area: Flush Mount: 5×1.75”, L-Bracket: 5×1.75”
Maximum Pipe Diameter: 3.5”
Operating Temperature: -112°F(-80°C) to +1000°F (+538°C)
Custom sizes and anodized colors are available

** Available in cases of 25, 100 and 250 pieces